Kali Mata Puja

Kali Mata Puja

Kali Matha Pooja is considered to be one of the principal Pooja in the MahaVidya's Pooja. The Kali Pooja is being performed on the new moon night. The offerings being done to Maa Kali should be done with full of devotion because Maa Kali is associated with dark rites and demon worship. The Maa kali is supposed to kill the demons and drink all their blood so that no other demon rises.

The Maa Kali Pooja is considered to be very auspicious because she protects the individual from the evil energy or black magic. The career of an individual is also maintained and no loss of job occurs. The family is being freed from all the health problems and the life is being led with full of prosperity. The negative influence of the Saturn planet in the horoscope of the individual is also being removed. According to Hindu mythology it is also being believed that whatever wish is being made with Maa Kali, all the wishes are being fulfilled.

Maha Kali Pooja is considered to be the powerful and influential Pooja to give the immediate result. All the desires of the man is being fulfilled once the Maa Kali is pleased by doing proper Pooja and aaradhna. All the problems in the life of an individual are being removed and no evil energies can affect the happiness of the devotee. The health and wealth is maintained throughout the life.

Lifelong protections given to you and your family with blessing spiritual mother GODESS KALIMATHA by our Astrologer Shivadurga

Maa Kali is a protector who protects her devotee from:

  • 1. Long-lasting illness
  • 2. Diseases which cannot be cured
  • 3. Black magic, its effects and evil spirits
  • 4. Heavy debts
  • 5. Hurdles in the success of your business
  • 6. Betrayal by partner, spouse or best friend
  • 7. Loss of job on regular basis
  • 8. Decrease in the rate of success in career or education
  • 9. Loss in career and no promotion
  • 10. Origin of problems on a regular basis
  • 11. Insult through unknown causes
  • 12. Unfortunate events which can result in trouble
  • 13. Bad effect of Saturn planet

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