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Negative energy brings lot of bad luck and stops growth and prosperity in all fronts of life such as relationships, health, money and Business etc. Foremost reason for negative energy could be misplacement of planets in one’s horoscope. Heavy twelfth house, heavy eighth house and Weak ascendant cause for negative Energy. If twelfth house has many planets in horoscope of a person he will get a hit on Negative energy.

Eight house deals with negative forces and bad energy. If there are planets present in this house the person will be vulnerable for affectation by these forces. These people are very vulnerable for negative forces. Some planets and it influence on other planets will lead to negative energy for example sun’s effect on Saturn will produce evil eye and negative energy in the person’s life.

No one can see energy with the normal eye but one can feel it. If you feel somewhat not comfortable with people you move with and talk to, they expel negative energy around them. And in some places just going there you would not feel comfortable that is because that place is filled with negative energy. There are 3 steps in dealing with negative energy. Step 1 is to identify and ascertain that a person has negative energy. Step 2 is to plan for removal and step 3 is to implement the Negative energy removal.

When your horoscope shows susceptibility for Negative energy you will get affected by negative energy. You must go for Negative energy removal and is very important. If children are affected by Negative energy they will face lot of issues in studies and health. Once you identified the Negative energy you must be Removing Negative energy astrologically. Only expert astrologer who is trained and experienced in Negative energy removal can do this. Our great Master Shiva Durga is an expert in negative energy removal services in USA.

How would you identify when a person is affected by Negative energy. The person who is affected by Negative energy will have awkward thoughts, lopsided arguments with family, depression, sickness and so on. When you face strong negative feelings you must take action and plan for Negative energy removal with the help of an expert. Sometimes negative emotions can make a person very fraudulent and they can even execute Black Magic. Black magic is the highest form of Negative energy and it may even lead to a death of a person.

Black magic or witchcraft will bring lot of negative energy to a person and such forces are focused contrary to an individual to give lot of problems and sufferings in his life. Master Shiva Durga is a world famous Indian astrologer in USA and has good experience in Negative energy removal with items like Salt, water, turmeric, Dhoop and so on. If you feel you or your family members or your friends have Negative Energy straightaway approach Master Shiva Durga who is an expert in negative energy Removal will help you with removing negative energy and bless you with load of positive energy.

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