Lord Krishna Puja

Lord Krishna Puja - Master Shivadurga

Lord Krishna is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation.

Lord Krishna is often known as a mentor, guide, lover, child, i.e. Bal Gopal and a supreme being. Mesmerizing all by his charisma, he teaches us all to walk onto the path of truth, love and to live our lives to the fullest. He is the source of enlightenment to all mankind, especially to Arjuna during the Mahabharata.

The benefits of Shri Krishna Puja

1. It helps to overcome enemies and adversaries

2. This puja helps to overcome the malefic effects of bad planetary positions in one’s horoscope

3. Overcome the nisantaan dosh in couples

4. Helps to achieve marital bliss

5. Helps nullify tensions regarding children

6. Achieve materialistic as well as spiritual prosperity

7. Protection from negative and evil

8. Increases the power of meditation and yoga

9. Increases self-confidence, faith in action and bhakti

10. Invoke Krishna’s blessings

11. Increase in self-charisma, confidence and individual personality

12. Success in education, career and business

13. Good health and life longevity

14. Strengthen the mind and protection

15. Spiritual growth

Astrologer Shivadurga performs a Krishna Prayers / Puja to solve this issue

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